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CrestoneStar Consulting is a Colorado-based industry-agnostic international business consulting firm providing advisory and implementation services to companies with U.S.-China cross-border business needs. Our fractional China VP service includes hands-on support in due diligence, strategy, market entry, product localization, and partnership.

The fractional China VP works directly with the CEO to oversee all issues and concerns related to China. By providing an all-inclusive, geographically focused service, we help our clients streamline their international business activities, simplify foreign market navigation process, and focus their energy on the most important decisions, all of which allow the clients to effectively seize the overseas opportunities.

Why Us?

Implementation-focusedHigh-touch principal-to-principal servicesStrong overseas networksVersatile, street-smart China VP


Our fractional China VP oversees any combination of the following tasks for the client:

Due diligence. General due diligence on an entity based on public information and in-depth due-diligence based on alternative sources, including in-person visits.

Negotiation. Help clients define the position of each party involved, derive negotiation strategy and multiple scenarios, participate in actual negotiation.

Partnership. Search-identify-screen potential partners, including those with strategic investment interests. Support client in mapping out the potential of partnership, initial communication and pitching, negotiating terms and conditions of the agreement, and overseeing partnership progress.

Landing. Select and vet landing services such as legal, HR, and logistics support.

Vendor selection. Compare, negotiate, coordinate, and quality-check the vendors.

Market entry feasibility & strategy. Work with client’s CEO and senior executive team to assess feasibility and subsequently identify the best mode of entry.

Industry & market intelligence. Primary and secondary research on specific industries, market conditions, policies, and regulations.

Product localization. Select and contract with companies that can help redesign and adapt clients’ existing product(s) for the target market.

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